Pioneer International Trading is an FMCG company established for importing, distributing and marketing of fast moving consumer goods.


We are a highly professional distribution and marketing company that delivers exceptional products. We pride ourselves in the strong understanding of the local market and our customer requirements sets us apart from our peers.


Our strong partnerships with internationally acclaimed brands reflects the trust our partners have in our ability to provide professional sales, marketing and distribution services in Qatar.


Our focus continues to be on offering superior service and premier quality products at the most competitive prices, thus ensuring our customers always receive good value. In addition, we work closely with our customers to develop and bring new and innovative
products to the market. Our success has been the result of building trusting value based relationships with all our stake holders.


To be the most efficient leading FMCG Company in the region.


Maximise goods resources to enable our customers have innovative, healthy choices wherever and whenever.

Additionally, our pledge is that all our products are responsibly sourced and provided.


At Pioneer International Trading, we believe that having a competitive edge over our rivals is what will set and maintain our name as the best FMCG company in Qatar.


This is achieved by several crucial facts including :-


  • We aim at upholding our parent company Al Mana Group’s  established and trusted name, thus we have to follow a proven business model that the company is built on.

  • We maintain a  sound understanding of the Qatar market.

  • Our team is led by and consists of well trained, highly experienced professionals with excellent skills and know how needed in this field.

  •  We possess extensive capabilities and resources in warehousing , logistics and distribution.

  • We also possess a clear well defined vision to be the best in the FMCG sector initially in Qatar and later on in the region.


In order to be the best in the industry we set our bar high, with one major goal in mind, meet and exceed our clients expectations.

On top of that we aim to achieve the following :-

  • To become the most recognised Company in the region in the FM CG  Industry

  • Play a lead role in delivering targeted market shares in all categories

  • Maximise goods resources so that our customers have goods from    wherever and whenever

  • Innovate to help customers make healthier choices

  •  Ensure that our goods are responsibly sourced and provided

  • Deliver Competitively on:- 

  1. Retail Performance

  2. Customer Satisfaction

  3. Sales Organisation/System

  4.  Selling cost structure


Our FMCG import & distribution business is focused on promoting our extensive brand portfolio, our corporate image and the value of our products.

Our strategy revolves around these 5 points:-

  1. Excellent customer care :-Our brand stands for the best in the market. Inline with our company’s standards, we endeavour to satisfy our customer needs with unwavering trust and top class service.

  2. Transparency :-We conduct all our operations with utmost transparency, which we carry out  with dignity and respect for all our partners and clients.

  3. Integrity :-We believe in being true to our values, not just through words but also actions.We will strive to to maintain integrity in all that we do while delivering top quality of products  to  our consumers.

  4. Team work :-We value our people, and believe that each employee is an important member of  the team regardless of their title or position.



  • We aim at targeting markets ranging from  globally and locally owned supermarket chains, wholesale groups, gas stations, advertising and vending agencies, international and local hotels and restaurants and more.

  • We look at establishing partnerships with innovative and high achieving producers, as well as helping Clients looking for a reliable source of distinctive products. We will support distribution of Qatari & non Qatari brands.

  • Our strategic location in the Middle East is an added advantage when seeking optimal warehousing and reasonable transportation costs.

  • We translate the description to your language and deliver the goods with a text adapted to your local needs.

  •  We strive to employ highly qualified persons of multinational backgrounds. This together with  an extensive experience in the FMCG sector, enables us to  meet and exceed our  customer demands.

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